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About the automatically gathered content on NFN

The finer points of harvesting content automatically:

The focus of Nordic Fandom News
Nordic Fandom News' goal is to present a broad spectre of fandom news from the Nordics, ranging from gaming to science fiction, anime and jrock to fanfiction, cosplay and laives, to... you name it. People can be fans of everything, and this can of course make the collected newsfeed seem random at times. In time I (the mod) will try to refine the newsfeed towards a truly relevant and interesting whole, but I will allow a thorough try-out phase for every added author. Suggestions to additions and subtractions are welcome, here or in the screened comment field of the post below.

Adult rated posts
NFN's Friends list will show only public content. This content might be adult rated, since there is no active moderation on each post. However, the list of feeds IS moderated. I will try to avoid publishers of graphic, adult rated material (pictures and videos), but I will let legal adult rated text and audio posts through, if the publisher usually warns for this type of content. This because adult rated fanworks is a huge part of fandom.

What is web syndication and feeds?
Web syndication makes website material available to multiple other sites through feeds like RSS and Atom. More about web feeds (Wikipedia). More about syndication to and from LiveJournal.

Why is my journal/blog/archive/zine/site/etc. added to the feed?
Because it has public content, especially fanworks and articles, that might interest fellow Nordic fans. Only your public content will be shown here. I will also try to sort through your tags (if available): including fan-tags and excluding real life-tags.

General adding policy

  • Only authors and journals originating from the Nordic geographical region, or focusing on fandom in the Nordic geographical region will be considered, as NFN is created to give a Nordic perspective on fandom.

  • If your journal has mostly personal, introverted or non-fannish themes, it will not be added.

  • If your journal has enough momentum to afford paid staff and a PR budget, it will probably not be added. Small stores and commercial sites might yet be added as long as the author(s) are fans writing about fandom.

  • If your journal has a few personal (public) posts among a lot of fannish ones, it might be added.

  • If your personal posts are protected (friends-locked), but your fanworks are public, it will probably be added.

  • If your journal is a pure fanworks journal, you're Nordic and your posts are legible, it will most probably be added.

Added against your will?
This is an error, probably from misunderstanding your friending/adding policy. I am sorry and will try to fix it as soon as I'm notified. Use the comment field (here or in the screened comment field of the post below) to tell me (off).

General removing policy

  • If you ask to be removed you will be, no questions asked.

  • If you are talking at length about non-fannish issues and don't provide a way to sort that out (i.e.: no tags).

  • If your feed's text formatting is broken.

  • If you're mostly posting ads or promoting commercial events/merchandise.

  • If you're spamming (more than five posts a day, every day).

Only public posts will be shown to readers, but if you are logged in to LJ and have friended NFN, you will see your own private posts on the NFN's Friends page. People you have not given reading privileges will not see them. Test by logging out from LJ before viewing the NFN Friends page.

Use the comment field to ask about NFN policies, and I will gather my answers here.
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User eve_n_furter referenced to your post from Nordiske fan-nyheter i ny drakt saying: [...] , så skal jeg legge journalen til i feeden. Her kan dere lese mer om feeden og kriteriene [...]
Hey, uhm, I like this initiative, but I'm a tad confused as to why my journal(s) (I see dobbeltgjenger has been added as well) have been added :x

I do not write any fandom related posts (... that I am aware of?), and while my profile may include the word "fandom", it also has "not into" in front of it ;)

Most of my posts are daily babbles about my personal life. Hopefully these posts won't clutter up your feed? Or does the feed only feature posts from RSS feeds perhaps? Your intro is a bit unclear, though normally you'll be able to see my public (pretty much all my posts are public) posts on your flist after having added me... so this should apply for the feed as well.
Thanks for asking! I guess I read the "I like to babble about films I see, and games I play." and stopped there, just before the "I'm not into fandom."-part. I'm sorry for being to hasty here, and be assured: your journals has really just been added for the "film- and games-babble". I'll remove your journals from the feed asap. And again, sorry for the inconvienience!
Haha, no worries 8D;

It is true, I do occasionally babble about films and games (and other things, like, don't get me started on Disneyland because I could go on and on and on :] ....), but they are rarely new films and games, and more often than not, things general fandom don't care about.


November 2 2012, 20:50:37 UTC 5 years ago Edited:  November 11 2012, 00:43:50 UTC

Good to hear! I'm not trying to annoy people on purpose, I'm just trying to make a pretty bouquet of fan-blogs and resources. :D

And to the "rare" interests: what you are talking about is exactly why I'm making this feed and putting together blogs and journals from what seems like opposite sides of fandom. The larger fandoms can fend for themselves, also in the Nordics, but the "only" cosplayer on Island, the faeroese book-blogger, the lone Sam-in-drag-lover in Norrbotn, the MUNCLE-fan in Åland or me, the sole slash-writer in "Hellfjord": we need friends too. ;) And we have a great deal in common, in spite of our strange interests. To me, finding the scandafandom community felt like coming home, even if I'm all alone in most of my fandoms. And as you can guess, we are not there to build fences around our take on fandom, we're there to help and inspire each other with each other's surprising and awesome novel ideas about fun and fannish stuff.

And so this became a rant. Sorry about that. It's just that I've felt marginalized too. Some of the larger fan-communities can be shockingly unfriendly.

:) Koe/eve_n_furter (mod)